Dell Notebook Power Bank Plus PW7018LC


The Dell notebook power bank Plus - USB-C,65 W,is the USB-C notebook power bank to charge the wide range of USB-C laptops,as well as mobile devices. It offers a high power delivery of up to 65 W and can charge laptops and mobile devices with voltage profiles of 5 V,9 V,15 V or 20 V. Its large 6-cell battery keeps your laptops,tablets and smartphones running longer. Plug your smartphone into the secondary USB-A port to charge it alongside your USB-C laptop or use it as an extra port to view and edit content from your smartphone or flash drive.

Product Description Dell Notebook Power Bank Plus PW7018LC - external battery pack - Li-Ion - 65 Wh
Device Type External battery pack
Weight 480 g
Battery Lithium Ion - 65 Wh
Batteries Qty 1
Colour Silver
Dimensions (WxDxH) 7.8 cm x 16.2 cm x 2.2 cm
Designed For Latitude 5289 2-In-1,5290,52XX 2-in-1,5300 2-in-1,53XX,54XX,55XX,7290,72XX 2-in-1,73XX,73XX 2-in-1,7400 2-in-1,74XX;Precision Mobile Workstation 35XX,55XX;XPS 13 7390,13 93XX,15 95XX

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